Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keep the Love Alive - Group Date

My hubbins and I hosted our first ever 'adults-only' dinner party/triple date.

(we live in an incredibly smallll town with not. much. to do. So 3 of us couples decided to save money/have fun/and doe something different by swap-hosting a dinner/date night once a month. An idea I would totally recommend.)

Seeing as this was just days after V-day (of the loving variety) we thought it would be fun to do some lovey-theme.

I made these hearts (would anyone like a tutorial for that?)
(KIDDING! KIDDING!) that doubled as place cards/tags/name plates/subtle-declarations-of-where-you-are-expected-to-sit-and-you-better-not-try-sitting-anywhere-else/ whatever they're called AND name tags. (even though we all knew each others' names..)
(yes, 'Tyler' did have a lovely companion also. I think she just loved her elaborate name tag so much she decided to take it home. Can't blame her, really. :P)

On the back of each was written a type of command: i.e.:
When someone laughs, you comment on the weather.
When someone takes a drink, say "whee!"
When someone says "Love" wink at your spouse
When someone coughs, mention one of your favorite things


It was a fun and easy way to make the dinner itself a little more exciting and entertaining.

Afterward we play this great game similar to The Newlywed Game, but mormonified. :)
Celestial Companions (this is the cheapest I've seen it- totally worth $10. :) )

All in all, it was a blast- and can't wait for next month! :)

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