About This Blog

We thought it would be fun/interesting/a little bit different if we posted on a variety of things.  One- hopefully it makes for a more interesting read and Two- it makes us personally expand ourselves in a variety of ways.
Yeah, we love making throw pillows, buuuuut- we kinda dig our men, too.  :) And our kids. And our sanity. 

So- here's the run down.

Our Topics will include:

Crazy for Kids
Because we have them. And they're basically our lives.  And our reason for existence.  And we Love. Them. Ridiculously lots.  And we can always use a good idea to change things up in the entertainment-of-said-children routine.  

Here we'll post ideas and little things that help us keep our sanity- and our homes livable.  (My husband is a major supporter of this section :) )

Home Improvement 
arrh arrh arrh arrh arrrrrh*   
*please think of the Tim-the-Tool-Man-Taylor Grunt here- it just isn't as fabulous without the grunt. :) 
This  is any home demo/remodel/decor ideas and projects.  Tawna is in the middle of finishing a basement and getting her first home homey-fied and Tams has returned to her home after renting it out for many years- and is getting things lovely after its lived through renters.  And prepping for a baby girl after 3 boys. :) So! Things along these lines are in store.  Aren't you exCIted??

Do Good/Feel Good
This topic will include any service ideas/ counting our blessings (because we can all use a reminder to be grateful for what we have!)/ inpirational quotes or stories that have touched us.   We like things that remind us to do good and be good- and things that remind us we ARE good.  So here is where we'll work on that. 

Keepin' Love Alive / Relationships
Ideas for keeping our marriages strong and awesome- and  also relationships in general- between family/friends/kids/etc. 
Side/funny note: I was actually referred to as the Love Doctor in High School, and on several different occasions had people (sometimes siblings of my friends) that I didn't even know  confront me about their relationships. HA! -Tawna

Because we don't want to be completely rigid..

Keepin' it Real
We're real. Our homes get messy. Sometimes we feel lazy.  And though we would never trade our children for anything, they're not Pottery-Barn-Catalogue-Kids (you know- perfectly dressed and groomed, playing peacefully, cleanly- with perfect happy smiles). They're real. They make messes. Disasters, really. 
And sometimes we just plain screw. up. 
We just want to keep it real.