Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keepin' it Real

"Ah, yes. Our sweet boy? Yes. He is magically potty-trained." *pause* " Oh no, it wasn't a nightmare at all! Really- like magic! 100% potty trained! (except at night, of course..)" *pause* "Our secret? Well- I'm certain we've tried bribing with candy before, but for some reason this go-round it clicked. Not a single accident. No siree! Not one. " *pause* "Oh, yes. I understand. Most parents wish they had our children. I think the real secret is in the parenting!"

House wonderfully cleaned before hosting our first ever 'adults only' dinner party.

why, yes. that IS what you are afraid it is.

about 30 min. before go time, I'm in the kitchen doing last minute dinner prep.
meanwhile in the front room:
"Christian! What letter is this? Huh? What letter? What letter is this? What letter? Christian, what letter is this? What letter?"

"Here, pal, show mama- I can tell you what leCHAAAAAAAANNNNNNIINNNNNNGGG!!!! Nooooo! Buddy!! No!!!"

please admire the culprit's delightful scowl along with the modernesque empty hanging frames.
Same kid. Same stinker.

Yes. The secret must be in the parenting.


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  1. Ha Ha Ha!!! Love this!! :) So Was I at your house all that time and never noticed the empty modernesque frames?? Or is that a new change?